Where would I be without Lisa Kline? She is the consummate partner in style to any busy professional, especially for someone like me who doesn't have the time (or talent!) to pull together the right pieces, looks, and wardrobe. Lisa advises and collaborates on everything from how to dress for a major event to what to keep and toss out to how to change accessories to take a single look from office to evening. There is seemingly no style task beyond Ms. Kline's expertise from clothes to makeup to shoes to hair to outerwear. This artist is responsive, original without ever being in anything other than great taste, and clever and fun to have around.

– Meredith Kopit Levien,
Chief Operating Officer at The New York Times

It's easy to get in a styling rut and not even realize it! Wearing the same styles that worked 20 years ago (or 20 pounds ago), using the lip color everyone USED to say looked great on you. Even successful professionals need to keep their styles up-to-date-- without getting caught up in too-trendy looks. Lisa and Lauren are the perfect one-two punch for styling modern, professional men and women. They bring a sophisticated vision to every client and truly tailor their artistry to the individual. Lisa introduced me to a number of designers I hadn't heard of or had thought just "weren't me". She listened to my likes and dislikes and helped me find a new way to dress. She's connected to the top fashion houses in NY and can put together great style without breaking the bank. Lauren is wonderful about putting her clients at ease while she works her magic. She created a beautiful makeup for a national video series broadcast on a major network featuring top financial industry professionals and is very skilled at creating a "made-up-but-natural" look. Lisa and Lauren are truly experts at styling for professionals at the top of their game. It's not "just" a wardrobe or makeup; they create a style and appearance worth investing in.

– Joie Chen,
Host of The Entree at CNN + Former News Anchor at Al Jazeera America

As a team, Lauren and Lisa are the best in the business. Their deep experience and knowledge of the latest trends in makeup, fashion and style make their services an integral part of any business or production. I worked with them almost every day for 3 years and as a result, was confident that I looked my best. They also bring a refreshingly positive attitude to every job. They are incredibly talented and it was a pleasure to work with them. I highly recommend their work.

– John Seigenthaler,
PR Executive at Finn Partners + Former News Anchor at NBC and Al Jazeera America

Lauren has been a ray of sunshine whenever I work with her. She can calm the most nervous clients with her soothing approach and positive personality. And of course she makes everyone look and feel like a movie star!! I would hire Lauren full time if I had the work for her.

– Patricia Paredes Saez,
Director of Production Services at A+E Networks

Lauren and Lisa work with the anchor to develop the most flattering, personable, make-up and wardrobe that capture the small trends within a classic image.

– Rebecca Stevenson,
Meteorologist at Q13 NEWS​